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Service Kit GT40

5.8L GT40-EFI

Impeller, Gasket, Fuel Filter,

Cap & Rotor, Spark plugs, Water

Pump Belt and Alternator Belt.     

SKU IG-8503 - Price $195.00



Distributor Cap & Rotor Kit

GT40.  PCM

SKU IG-8535 - Price $61.00


Distributor Cap & Rotor

For Prestolite.  PCM.

Ignition  Clip Down, Ford

SKU IG-8504 - Price $51.00


Tune Up Kit Prestolite, Screw In

Fits Ford 1987 & later 302 / 351  PCM

Points, Condenser, Rotor and Distributor Cap.

SKU IG-8532 - Price $55.50


Tune Up Kit Prestolite, Clip On

Fits Ford 1986 & prior 302 / 351  PCM.

Points, Condenser, Rotor and Distributor Cap.  

SKU IG-8533 - Price $71.00

Distributor, Malloy

351 Ford - 5.8L Breakerless Ignition

1988 & older, use Right Hand (reverse) Rotation.  For PCM Engines only. 

1989 & newer, use Left Hand Rotation.  

Both will Require IG-8500 Ignition Resistor

IG-8545N -LH Rotation -  Price $610.00

IG-8546N - RH Rotation(THIS ITEM)

                               (NO LONGER AVAILABLE from PCM)


Distributor Cap GM EFI

Fits GM 5.0 and 5.7.  PCM.

SKU IG-8534 - Price $53.00



Use with IG-8534 distributor cap.


SKU IG-8538 - Price $21.50



Breakerless Ignition

1986 & older prestolite distributor.

Conversion kit for prestolite distributors with

screw down cap.  

SKU IG-8511N - Price $130.00

SKU IG-8512N - High Performance - Price $243.00



Use with SKU IG-8511 or IG-8512

Not used with external resistor

SKU IG-8513 - Price $69.50



Ford Marine Engines 

Using external resistor & ignitions with points.

SKU IG-8518 - Price $58.00




All GT-40

SKU IG-8519N - Price $83.00


Spark Plugs

Autolite - 8 pack

SKU IG-8561 - GT40 engine - Price $32.00

SKU IG-8564 - 351W engine - Price $32.00


Spark Plug Wires

1988 amd Older

7mm 302 / 351 Ford can be used on

GM or Ford with points or breakerless

ignitions.  PCM.  Includes Coil Wire

Note - Male & Female Ends

SKU IG-8542 - Price $42.00 


Spark Plug Wires

1989 to 1995 PCM Pro Tec Engines

8mm GM or Ford.  NOT for GT-40.  PCM.

Do not need Coil Wire.  Female Ends Only

If you have converted  your Pro-Tec you will need 

SKU IG-8542 Spark plug wires

SKU IG-8514 - Price $52.00 


Spark Plug Wires, GT40

1995 to 2002 PCM GT40 engines

Includes Coil Wire

Female Ends Only

SKU IG-8552 - Price $62.00


Ignition Resistor 

Used on Many Different Boats.  PCM.

New Replacement, Now Spade Terminals

No more bolt on terminals.

SKU IG-8500 - Price $21.00



Electronic Conversion Kit

Used on PCM Ford Left Hand Rotation Pro-Tec Motors.  

This kit is to replace old Pro-Tec ignition system to a

Breaker-less system. Includes resistor, distributor,

plug wires, wiring, coil, cover & more

SKU IG-8525N - Price $655.00


Ignition Switch

Generally used in 1989 or older boats

Sierra.  Off-On-Start

SKU IG-8565 - Price $37.00


Ignition Switch

Generally used in 1990 and newer boats

Sierra.  Accessory-Off -On-Start

SKU IG-8566 - Price $21.00


Neutral Safety Switch

1981 and Newer

Used on all PCM and Borg-Warner


SKU IG-8520 - Price $21.00


Starter Relay Solenoid

Fits Ford and most other PCM engines

SKU ST-8236 - Price $30.00


Emergency Cut Off Switch

A quick pull on the 3 foot coil lanyard

stops the engine, preventing a runaway

SKU D-9028 - Price $22.00

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