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Plastic fasteners. Double sided.

Used on older boats. Bow and Coam Pads

SKU I-1007 - Price $.50 


Snap Cap and Socket

Stainless Steel.  2 pc

SKU HA-1000 - Price $.75


Snap Stud with Screw

Stainless Steel.  3/8 Length

SKU HA-1001 - Price $.50

Machine Screw

Used for mounting Boards to frame

in the Standard Style interiors

Stainless Steel.  2 inch Length

SKU HA-1002 - Price $.50



Stainless Steel 1/4 inch shaft

Used with SKU #HA-1002

SKU HA-1003 - Price $2.50



Oval Head, Washer & Lock Nut

Motor Box Handle replacement,

Stainless Steel.  Used with SKU #I-1013

SKU HA-1004 - Price $1.25


Thumb Screw for Dash

SKU D-9017 -  Price $9.00


Dash Screw

SKU D-9018 - Price $8.00



Grommet, Snap together

Used in older boats on Bow area skin.

Used for draining.  Plastic.  

SKU HA-1005 - Price $.75 


Platform Release Pin

SKU E-2035 - Price $7.00


Platform Release Pin

Used in 2002-2010

SKU E-2050 - Price $15.00



Used on Stern Seat 1990 and Newer

Threaded Inside

SKU I-1078 - Price $8.00

Stern Backrest  Mount

Attached inside of stern to hold in drop

down stern backrest.  Usually 3 in a boat

SKU HA-1006 - Price $5.00


Bimini Mount Screw 

Black Nylon

Works with HA-1008 or HA-1009

SKU HA-1007 - Price $4.00


Bimini Deck Mount

Black Nylon

Works with HA-1007

SKU HA-1008 - Price $6.00


Bimini Deck Mount


Works with HA-1007

SKU HA-1009 - Price $10.00



Fits glove box or cooler on many 90's models

1 3/4 W x 1 1/2 L

SKU D-9003 - Price $9.00


Early 1990's

Glove Box, Battery or Deck tray

Same hole line up as SKU D-9003

Comes with screw covers

2 W x 1 5/8 L

SKU D-9031 - Price $19.00

Glove Box Hinge

Replacement Hinge for D-9001 & D-9002 glove box lids. 

Predrilled holes & adhesive tape on 1 side, 10 inch long

SKU D-9010 - Price $11.00


Latch Lock

Cooler & Ski Locker floor lock.  Used in older models,

Sport & Super Sport.  Also, 2003-2004

Includes 2 keys,  Adjustable locking

inside 3 2/8 L x 15/16 W - outside 3 5/8 L x 1 3/8 W

SKU I-1038 - Price $45.00


 Latch Lock

Floor Cooler & Ski Locker Lock.

Used in older models & 1995 Sport & Super Sport

Includes 2 keys, Adjustable locking

inside 3 3/8 L x 1 1/4 W - outside 4 1/4 L x 2 W

SKU I-1026N - Price $70.00


Hatch Lock Set

Complete hatch latch and lock set.

One key included.

SKU I-1009 - Price $47.00


Hatch Locking Arm

Replacement.   Short latch arm

SKU I-1043S - Price $15.00


Hatch Locking Arm

Replacement.  Long latch arm

SKU I-1043L - Price $10.00



Hatch Hinge Set

Used on 230 and 236 Models

Fold Up type, White powder coated

SKU I-1031 - Pair -  Price $40.00


Take Apart Hinge

Chrome plated Brass, right hand

Used with SKU #I-1019

4 inch long X 2 inch wide

SKU I-1015 - Price $14.00


Angled Hinge

Used on older boats. These are Replacement Hinges.

Originals NO longer available. Holes may not line up.  

Stainless Steel.  Includes Pin

Or Can use Quick Release Pin I-1030

SKU I-1025 - Price $22.00


Motor Box Hinge

Used on older boats. These are Replacement Hinges.

Originals NO longer available. Holes may not line up.   

Stainless Steel.  Includes Pin

Or can use Quick Release Pin I-1030

SKU I-1029 - Price $27.00



Hinge Pin

Used in older boats.  Quick Release pin.

Stainless Steel.  1 1/2 inch shank, 3 inch overall

I-1030 can be used with I-1025 or I-1029

SKU I-1030 - 5/16 inchPrice $25.00

SKU I-1030Q - 1/4 inch - Price $25.00


Motor Box Hinge

Black plastic

SKU I-1020 - Price $6.00




Motor Box Trim

Aluminum trim for bottom of motor box on older models.

1/8 inch wider than original trim that's no longer available.

Pre drilled. 12 foot length or cut to order

SKU I-1011 - 12 foot - Price $44.00

SKU I-1011A - per foot - Price $5.00


Motor Box Handle Chrome

Used on all Motor Boxes

SKU I-1013 - Price $21.00


Motor Box Inner Latch

Black Rubber

SKU I-1027 - Price $10.00


Motor Box Outer Latch

Black Rubber

SKU I-1028 - Price $18.00



Spacer Seat Slide, Cone Washer

Used with seat tracks I-1010

SKU I-1017 - Price $.50


Seat Tracks

Drivers seat & some Observer seats.

Adjustable seat slides. Includes Handle and

Stainless Steel Fasteners

SKU I-1010 - Price $50.00


Seat Swivel

Used in 1989 Sport, for Observer Seat

Can be used on any model that uses

seat tracks.  Our Seat Tracks SKU I-1010

SKU I-1077 - Price $242.00


Driver Seat Braces

Used with the shell type seat

SKU I-1037 - Price $45.00



Can be used as seat stopper or as

motor box stopper on floor

4 inch long X 1 inch wide X 1 inch tall

SKU I-1075 - Price $2.00


Net Hook

Used to secure cargo nets.  Nylon

SKU I-1024 - Price $.50


Gas Spring Bracket

SKU I-1069 - Price $7.00


Gas Spring Bracket

SKU I-1070 - Price $7.00


Gas Spring Bracket

SKU I-1071 - Price $7.00


Gas Spring Bracket

SKU I-1072 - Price $10.00


Gas Spring Bracket

SKU I-1073 - Price $10.00


Water Strainer, Elbow

1 inch.  Use with SKU C-3062

Can get 1 1/4 for other Strainers

SKU C-3058 - 1 inch -  Price $6.00

SKU C-3059 - 1 1/4 inch -  Price $7.50


Thermostat Housing, Plug

Brass 1/4 inch

Use with C-3023

SKU C-3024 - Price $2.25


Exhaust Hose Clamp

For 3 inch exhaust hose.

Stainless steel.

SKU EX-2505 - Price $12.00


Control Cable Connector

Used with our Part #'s

SKU CC-5015R, CC-5023R or CC-5042B

SKU CC-5018 - Price $3.00


Shaft Key with Set Screw

SKU U-5019 - Price $9.00



Shaft Key

SKU U-5019-WO - Price $9.00

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